HVAC Contractor Help & Tips

Carrier HVAC ProductsThere are some things you need to be aware of when finding an HVAC contractor. You need to make sure you ask the right questions and the company is licensed if you want to have quality work performed. If you don’t ask the right questions, you could risk paying someone who’s unprofessional and only looking for your money – not to become a valued customer. The result could be paying double for your unit to be fixed or replaced. This is why we’ve provided a comprehensive list of right questions and things to look out for when hiring your next HVAC contractor.

Find the Right HVAC Contractor by Researching the Following:

  • Must be Licensed and Insured
  • Always check references
  • Ask if the installations and service are done in-house. Avoid companies that use sub-contractors.
  • Always get estimates in writing. Make sure they specify the equipment being used and that the price will not change.
  • A project manager should perform an in-home evaluation. The evaluation will include a heat load calculation. A proper heat load calculation requires that a detailed drawing be made of the home, including room by room square footage, ceiling heights, window sizes, door openings, and insulation assessment.
  • The company should be professional from the initial phone call to the written proposal. Expect them to be prompt and courteous throughout. How you are treated during this process reflects how you will be treated after the installation.
  • Ask about the schedule and process. A good contractor can give you a realistic estimate of when the work will start and finish.
  • If you are having a system replaced, then the contractor should ask about existing problems and offer reasonable solutions. He should also evaluate the existing duct system to ensure it is properly sized and insulated
  • Get multiple bids. Most customers get three to compare. Do not automatically go with the lowest price and be wary of extremely low and high bids.
  • Choose a quality brand name for the equipment, but keep in mind that the company installing the equipment is much more important than the brand name itself.

Deciding which contractor will install your HVAC system should be well educated decision.

The right system will give you 15+ years of dependable service. The right contractor will help you with this decision not sell you what they think is best. There are many different accessories and efficiency levels to choose from these days. You and your contractor will evaluate all the options and pick the system that best suits your individual needs.